ABOUT skyrise
Skyrise's strategy is teamwork & team spirit, rising to the challenge, innovation, professionalism, becoming top leader enterprise on recycling solution service in China.
  • Skyrise's value is positive and sustainable social responsibility and making our pretty planet healthier.
  • Skyrise is the used phones & phone LCDs recycling solution service provider.
  • Has been specialized in recycling electronic business for 15 years.
  • Big wholesale renew original grade A+ iPhone & Samsung phones.
  • Skyrise has tax free zone factory to provide refurbished Samsung Or iPhone.
  • Skyrise has purchasing center in Hong Kong, to purchase big quantity used phones & Samsung LCDs, iPads,
Skyrise Distribution Limited
Our partners are USA and Europe carriers, insurance companies big wholesaler, and electronic recycling companies, big brand-chains, wholesalers so on.
Solution service provider
has been specialized in recycling electronic business for 15 years.
Skyrise was established in 2002
Over 15 years team in same industry
Privately held, with over 250 employees worldwide
Hold full repair license
Free trade zone
authorized service center
Skyrise professional technology and high-quality repair results • NPI support
Experience with repairing for US carriers, Tier 1 OEM’s, Fortune 500 telecommunication companies
OEM sourcing model – We hold strategic relations with key suppliers
Customized assembly, component or device
After sales engineering and RMA support
Regional regulatory compliance