1. Why phone cannot power on?
Reply: somtimes the battery touch point have indust, then phone sleep. pls with finger clear touch many times,  then the phone can turn on.

2. Why the battery cannot turn on in this phone?
Reply: for some betteries, it need to match the phone, in this phone can not turn on, but it can turn on in other phone, pls change.  secondly, the bettery need to actitive on universal charger,  after charge 10mins, then it can put on the phone derectly charging and turn on the phone.

3.  how to solve touchscreen not move easy? or camera not move? Wifi not turn on?or something else problem?
Reply: pls restart the phones. can solve mostly small problem.

4. Why LCD black?
Reply: sometimes lcd flex cable connect loose, then show black, and sometimes are the LCD defect, need to change new.

Any questions, pls feel free to let us know more and more. we will solve for you on time.



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